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New  Due to the very positive reactions, I've just decided to replace the test copy of the ZET MUSIC CD GUIDE with the complete version. More than 7200 CDs recommended!  And it's still free!

Download here

Updated      Interested in my choice of recently published CDs? Here are some nominations (updated 03 November 1997)

Working on a tight budget? Here's a comprehensive list of Naxos CDs, I can recommend (it's a zipped dBase file and can be read with every spreadsheet or database program)

Preferring a broader choice? Look for the best budget CDs available (same format as above)

A real newcomer to Classical Music? I've prepared a starting collection for you (same format as above)

Visit this page from time to time (it's getting better day by day!) and feel free to leave a message in my guestbook (just click below!)


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